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Why with bore?

Orifices, throttle orifices or throttle discs - they are used to limit the flow of media or to throttle the flow rate of media in pipelines. But a defined pressure destruction is also an application.

We manufacture orifices as single or multi-hole orifices with sharp-edged, chamfered or rounded inlet or outlet edges for installation in a flange connection or as a weld-in orifice according to your factory specifications or other specifications. DIN2626 type C also serves as the basis for production.


Neither is an issue for us. We take the relevant standards into account and offer you all common types of seals for both regulations. Smooth sealing faces turned or unmachined, tongue and groove or RTJ.

Optionally, we can also provide material certificates according to DIN EN10204 31/3.2 with a stamping certificate. On request, we can test the metal sheets used with ultrasound.

We mark all restrictor orifices electrochemically or by hard stamping using a needle embosser. We are happy to consider your project-related markings, e.g. KKS.