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  • Hat type filter

    Conical Strainer

    DIN and ASME

  • Filter cartridge

    Filter Cartridge

    Spare parts and remanufacturing

  • Line blinds

    Line Blinds DIN / ASME

    design and manufacture

  • disc filter

    Disc Filter Segments

    Service, alternatives, optimization!

  • curved screens

    Curved Screens

    Static cleaning

Single filters, duplex filters, conical strainer, plug-in sieve, curved screens, disk filter sectors

What´s your need?

With us you can find everything related to the filtration of liquids, oils and gases.

We manufacture single filters, duplex filters, automatic backwash filters, strainer filters, high-pressure filters, wedge wire filters and the matching filter elements and filter inserts.

As a manufacturer, we provide competent help with everything to do with pipeline protection screens such as hat screens, plug-in screens or conical strainers.

Our curved screens are available off the shelf or individually adapted to your task.

Disc filter sectors - freshly refurnished or newly built - you will find what you are looking for with us!

That´s what we can do for you!

You need hat screens or plug-in screens for commissioning. You can choose from our standard program or we manufacture according to your specification.

We plan and manufacture single filters, double filters or automatic backwash filters individually for your project. We manufacture filter elements as spare parts for many applications.

We help you with the design of curved screens and can support you with our mobile test facility.

We offer the complete service of disc filter sectors and help you choose the right mesh for optimal recovery of raw materials.

We will help quickly!

Send us your inquiry or give us a call if you have any questions about filters, filter elements, hat screens, plug-in screens, curved screens or disk filter sectors.

We will prepare an offer for you and realize fast delivery times - regardless of whether it is a single item or a project requirement.