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Duplex filter

Twice as many options!

Duplexfilters enable almost uninterrupted operation. Whether manual or automatic switching, we adapt the design of the duplexfilter to your specifications in order to find an optimal solution. Here you will find an overview of our options for your duplexfilter.

  • Duplexfilter for gases and liquids
  • Special constructions for the food sector
  • designed according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • uninterrupted filtration
  • coupled manual or automatic switching
  • customization
  • Operator friendly cleaning and maintenance
  • Bag filters, strainer filters, edge filters
nominal sizes and pressure ratings

DN32 - DN500 PN6 - PN100


mesh size and filter media

10 µm - 5 mm

Drahtgewebe, Spaltkerzen, Lochplatte

Edelstahl und Kunststoff


Wasser, Öl, Gas, sonstige flüssige Medien