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Filter elements - spare parts, new production, optimization

Task and solution!

We manufacture filter elements made of stainless steel and special steel, wire mesh, wedge wire, perforated plates, sintered materials, glass or plastic. Filtotec develops application-related constructions and advises on material selection and execution.

  • Filter elements for gases and liquids
  • Special constructions for the food sector
  • pressure drop optimization
  • Filter surface optimization, pleated filter elements
  • Spare parts and repair of filter elements

What you will find with us!

    filter tubes
    strainer baskets
    conical strainers
    protection screens
    screen covering for drum screens and vibrating screens
    dewatering elements for thickeners

Your benefits!

The application-related construction, design and material selection are part of our scope of services. In the area of hat screens and collision protection screens, our standard range is extensively supplemented by special constructions and special materials.


WSt.Nr. 1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4541, ASME 304, ASME 316, different plastic

filter media

square mesh fabric, weft, wedge wire profiles, perforated sheets

synthetic fabric, synthetic fiber scrim

sizes and pressure ratings DIN or ASME

DN10-500 PN6 - PN63

NPS1/2 - NPS24 Class150 - Class900