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Single filters as strainer filters, wedge wire filters or bag filters

Simple filters?

The range of applications for single filters is diverse. Single filters are not always simple filters. Pressure, medium, temperature and environmental situation can be a challenge. Tell us about your application and we will develop a solution for you. Filtotec manufactures single filters as wedge wire filters, bag filters or strainer filters.

Our liquid filter and gas filter are also available as high-pressure filters.

Filter elements made of stainless steel or plastic made of fabric, perforated sheet metal or slotted profiles are tailored to the application.

Nominal diameters and pressure levels

DN32 - DN500 PN6 - PN100


Mesh size and filter medium

10 µm - 5 mm

Wire mesh, wedge wire candles, perforated plate

stainless steel and plastic


Water, oil, gas, other liquid media