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Disc Filter Segments - Resourcing and Manufacturing

Service wanted?

We obtain your disc filter segments with plastic shrink fabric according to the manufacturer's instructions in an immersion bath. Due to the optimal heat transfer in the immersion bath, the filter bags are applied evenly and gently to the fabric. This has a positive effect on the drainage performance and the service life of the elements. Alternatively, we can source your disc filter segments with stainless steel wire mesh.

In addition, we can offer you our assembly service for removing and installing the segments.

Optimization desired?

The seal is causing problems, the clear filtrate quality is not right, the service life could be better? We take care of your problem and, in addition to a tailor-made filter bag, we also offer competent support for all issues relating to your disc filter.

Replacement needed?

We manufacture disc filter segments as a base body suitable for your disc filter. We pay great attention to the design of the new disc filter segments - we optimize the weight, flow and durability.


Shrink fabric made of PP with different mesh sizes

Kynar fabric for high temperatures

PP fabric with Teflon content

well bags

stainless steel mesh


felt seal sewn or self-adhesive

cellular rubber, EPDM or a combination of both

silicone foam



zippers made of VA, PP or Kynar

sewn closure

velcro fastener with clamping bar